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I have loads of buttercups, they look lovely when in flower but are poisonous to animals.

I have dug up some of the single ones by hand but what do i do with the great swathes of them in the field?

Should i apply lime to improve the soil which in turn will make it less appealing to the buttercups or should i spray to kill the blighters?
Rob R

How many animals have you lost to buttercups? We've never had a problems with them so they just add to the fodder/biomass.
chicken feed

Mrs R

blimey if buttercups were that poisonous our's'd all be dead by now for sure! Laughing

I've seen buttercups (when in flower) cause photosensitivity in a pink muzzled horse (a Palomino), generally horses avoid them. We had lots when we first moved here, now only a handful - I guess the sheep have cleared them ?

I've also never heard of them to be toxic - goats love them Very Happy

Alot of the fields here are full of them, no-one seems too bothered about it.

Glad to here goats love them, when I do finally get goats they'll think they're in heaven - buttercups, thistles, nettles ....

Just enjoy them. Smile

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My old pony in the big meadow - she lived to about 32, and was grey with a pink muzzle. Sheep pigs chickens etc all seem fine

Apparently African Geese eat buttercup roots, so I have bought a pair, (one is sitting at present) however they seem keener on the chicken food, and manage to get in through the pophole Shocked

All the best

PS I think it is a sign that the soil is too acidic, so liming would probably be your answer, and of course then you would get a better crop of grass, but I expect the livestock farmers will be able to give more info.

Thanks for the replies.

They take up too much room and i dont want them in the hay. I'll ask mr farmer when he comes to cut the hay.....meanwhile, will think about a goat.
chicken feed

Laughing best think about 2 goats,they need their own company Wink

farm critters are fine with buttercups in forage

as far as i know many plants that are toxic or unpalateable to humans are a nice dinner for most critters that chose to eat them

some things taste nice but are toxic but they are quite rare

critters usually know what is edible

I read somewhere that they can be toxic when fresh but not when dried (i.e. in hay)

trust your critters to know what is ok ,they will reject wrong snacks most times

I read somewhere that they can be toxic when fresh but not when dried (i.e. in hay)

That's what I thought. Also there's an awful lot of different species get called "buttercups".
Liz in Ireland

Apparently my late lamented Roger Rabbit shouldn't have been eating buttercup leaves Crying or Very sad
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