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Butterfly Identification Please

I have lots of these on my buddleja at the moment and although I recognise the common butterflies I have got bogged down with all of the orange and brown fritillaries. Can someone identify it for me? It is very large. Thanks

I will look daft if it is something obvious

I just found it I think. It is a Silver-washed Fritillary (Argynnis paphia)

Mistress Rose

Silver washed fritillary is a large butterfly. It is most common in woodland clearings. It is a very strong flyer and likes to sun bathe on bracken or other shrubs. We get a lot of them in the woods and always love seeing them. Lovely they are on your buddleia. We seem to have mainly peacocks and some yellow ones. Think they must be clouded yellow as it is too late for brimstones, but haven't managed to get close enough to a settled one to see yet.
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