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Buying a scythe

The old chap fancies a scythe. Is this site any good?

Is it easy to 'teach yourself scything'?

Gil taught me the basics, years ago now, so it must be easy. Smile
Mistress Rose

There are two types of sythe that are worth having; the Austrian and the English. I don't know that much about it, but have done a bit of sything myself, although not very well. You can teach yourself, but a lesson with an experiences syther might be an advantage. Someone I know is into sything. His blog site is You might find something of interest there.

If there's anything Simon Fairlie doesn't know about scything, it probably isn't worth knowing Wink

Mochyn I have an English scythe at home, I will look it out tomorrow, and see if it is roadworthy-well not worm eaten anyway. I don't use it now, or have for that matter.

Re: Buying a scythe

The old chap fancies a scythe. Is this site any good?

Is it easy to 'teach yourself scything'?

Yes and yes.

Smile Cheers everyone: I'll pass it all on to him.

Apparently the season for scything fairs and competitions is approaching - mostly in Somerset I think.

14th June, the Green Scythe Fair. A couple of miles from us, in mid-Somerset.
I think Simon Fairlie will be on The One Show on BBC1 tonight.

I've got an austrian scythe if he'd like to try before buying.

Although it probably needs time spent sharpening it It's not been used yet this year.

I'll mention that to him, Debbie.

I have an English scythe in Llanfyllin if he wants to try. I will only be here for 20 minutes as I use the library for 'pootering. Access to the pooter will not be until Tuesday now due to the council cuts! This scythe also needs a sharpen, and the handle is worm free!

Arvo's is an Austrian one, a la Simon Fairlie and Gil. Very easy to use. The blade is shorter than the English ones and it's lighter.

You could stay here and visit the scythe festival Smile.

*waves to Dogwalker*
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