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Buying fresh yeast - specifically in Swindon

Before I try 15 places to find that the 16th would have done it, does anyone have any categorical advice? I hear so many mixed messages about the supermarkets selling it or not.... I'd rather get it somewhere easy for me to get to which would be Sainsburys, Tesco's at a push, town centre/Manchester road (if I bribe my husband) or Old Town Co-op. Can one get it anywhere mail order? I know it freezes so I could buy a reasonable amount.....

I can and have asked in ASDA for fresh yeast at the bakery and they give it free, or at least they used to.

I know that is a bit far out, but it is all I have to offer.

I used to get it free at Asda and Tesco bakery counter used to charge for it--it wasn't on the shelves you had to ask---I don't live near either now but Morrisons sell it---and most health food shops.
Sorry only Tesco applies to Swindon.
p.s. just remembered Sainsburys used to sell it if you asked at bakery as well.

Yep - bakery at Tescos.

I have a friend who goes to Asda here so might get her to get me some.... otherwise I'll try the other supermarkets - thanks!
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