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mr olive oil

buying property in Turkey

i bought a 45 ace working fruit and olive grove some 4 years ago in koycegiz turkey, i have spent the last 4 years bringing the trees back to fruitition and selling the produce to the local co ops
although i import the olives and olive oil for sale in the uk
i have also tottally fenced off the farm and built a number of houses there together with a large swimming pool with the intention of renting them out for holidays

my expenience of buying property in Turkey, although being of turkish origin myself, you have got to have eyes in the back of your head
the majority of estate agents there will pull all sorts of strokes, they will wine and dine you, they will befriend you, they will offer you nights out, they will leave no stone unturned
they will pick you up at the airport as well as return you there, they will take you on tours to the beach etc
in fact if given the chance they will not give you a opportuinity to talk to any other agents

as they show you properties they will arrange to have other interested parties viewing at the same time, just to jeer you up that these properties are in much demand and that you should put a deposit down asap
if you intend to buy and build, pick a good architect and builder and try to be there at crucial times such as when the foundations are being put in, i have seen them digging foundations a third of the size specified and skimping on crucial materials such as reinforcing rods and concrete
also beware of the estate agent who offers to act as your agent, looking after your project in your absence

i was very lucky to have my brother in law oversee all the construction work etc on my project, as well as finding an excellent and honest builder
i feel that what i have experienced is also quite common in bulgaria and that part of the world, although they are trying to bring it under control in turkey by banning estate agents found guilty from operating

i am always happy to offer any advice or to share my experiences if it is of help to anyone, especially so in the koycegiz, mugla area of turkey

I've had a look at your website - interesting stuff Very Happy
mr olive oil


thanks for your comment, if i can be of help to anyone through what i have experiemced, then it will be worth it
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