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kate s

BWMB rules for fleece purchase

I'm not sure if I'm in the right area for the information I'm looking for but I hope somebody can point me in the right direction.Does anybody know what the BWMB rules regarding their statutory monopoly on fleece purchase are? I can't find out from the BWMB website but have been told only minority breeds are exempt and also small flocks of any breed are exempt,but how small? Also that those adding value to fleeces are exempt not really sure what that means.Anybody know what is correct? Confused

Just by coincidence I was at an agri show today with our regional BWMB person, and I have the latest booklet on this. It's called 'Your Wool Board'. You could also contact your regional depot or intermediate depot for info.

If you are a sheep keeper and you are going to use your fleece 'for artisanal or craft purposes' you can apply for an exemption (presumably to sell them your fleece). They want to know that you intend to do this, and are applying 'in good faith'. 3000kg maximum, which divided by 2.5kg per fleece as an average ?? = size of an exempt 'small flock' ?

Otherwise there is no mention of a 'small flock' exemption in the booklet I have.

I really do think they are pretty relaxed about it.
Chap I was talking to said it made no sense to send your fleeces to them below a certain number of fleeces because of the collection charge, + cost of clipping. Also in sight was the entire fleece section of the agri show, none of which was going to the BWMB because the main clip had already been collected.

Also, if you are going to use the fleece for non-textile purposes (insulation / composting etc), exemption can be given.

There is a list of rare breeds that are exempt. Not all breeds popular with spinners etc are on this list.

kate s

Thank you for your quick reply.I think I'm a bit clearer now!
Rob R

In reality they don't have a monopoly these days, you're under no obligation to send them anything and there's nothing they can do under current competition laws if you don't. The last great marketing board was the MMB (milk) and even the producer co-op that took over from it was split up because it was 'unfair' to the consumer.
kate s

Thanks for clearing this up for me Smile
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