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Bye bye little pup

The eight and a half years you spent with us never quite helped you get over your first six years of total neglect, and you were a bag of nerves still to the end, when arthritis and poor kidneys and probably other things made life too hard for you. We miss you - no more arguments over whether I was allowed to get a handkerchief out of my pocket or not, no more shrill yaps to rattle our ear drums as I brought your breakfast in - but we miss that and the love you shared.

RIP Hollie


Sorry to hear this. Sad

sorry you have lost a chum.

so sorry to hear this news - it's a sad loss. RIP Hollie. Crying or Very sad

Hi Henry. Sorry to hear about your loss; it's never easy losing a pet and it always seems they are gifted with shorter lifespans than we'd want.

Sorry to hear such sad news. I hope Jacqui and you are doing okay.
wellington womble

It’s always said to lose a friend. Eight and a half years of good life is to be celebrated, when you’re ready.

Condolences. They leave a massive hole in your life when they go.
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