Archive for Downsizer For an ethical approach to consumption

Introduction/Read this first
Wild Food
Conservation and Environment
A subject that's close to all our hearts
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
The place to discuss ways to reduce consumption, save money, recycle, and cut down waste
Does It Really Matter...
For any moral, ethical or environmental dilemma you may be facing
Community and Family Matters
Getting active, and being a Downsizer in your local community. Think globally, act locally.... Exchange ideas, ask questions and share experiences here. Also the place for threads about family issues.
Downsizing abroad
An area to discuss the ups, downs and experiences of moving to and living in a different country
Got something to say? Well say it!
Finance and Property
How to find that property, and pay for it, the place to get advice on any financial and property matters
Trading Post
The ultimate in downsizing, Swap, Barter, or Sell it here.
The DS courier network
The place for offers or requests in shifting something from A to B.
IT Matters
Need help with a website or choosing accounting software, ask here
Reviews and What's On
Tell us about your local markets, farm shops, what you think of Books, TV, Courses, Products etc.
Seasonal and Frugal Shopping
This is the place to talk about what is or isn't in season if you want to avoid buying air-freighted imports. Or if you have spotted a particular bargain locally, why not let other people know about it too?
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