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Can I sow grass now

and more to the point will it grow?

As I remove building materials and piles of rubble from what passes for a lawn I'm levelling roughly the ground where the grass has died off and throwing some grass seed down. Will it germinate or am I just wasting time and seed?

I think it'll work (we're doing likewise shortly)

We sowed some three weeks ago that's growing away quite happily.

Mid to late October is the last time for grass seed is the general thinking. It depends more on how wet it is too dry and it won't get going, this year I doubt that'll be a problem. It's also much milder locally than other Octobers so maybe it's the same in your area.

September is often a favoured month for lawn seeding because the grass gets time to grow without much hassle from weeds and grows a good rooting system and not a great deal of top so come spring it's in a better position to get away. We're only just into October so I'd say the same applies.

If by some miracle we have a drought and scorching weather over the next month or so, highly unlikely granted, just make sure the area stays moist.

You may need to sow more seed than recommended to allow for poorer germ rates & more predation from hungry birds.
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