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Can't log in? Cache/cookie clearing instructions...

Moving from one server to another caused people some problems with this. I've edited this together from a couple of other threads. Feel free to add instructions for other browsers/ways of doing things.

n wrote:
I have been unable to access Downsizer since the update.
I could see the posts but not ask any questions or reply to threads or see my profile.
I tried replacing the password three times.

I use Safari 4.0.4
I cleared the cache.
It still didn't work.

If you are using Safari you have to Reset Safari in the dropdown menu. It then takes you to an options page where you can choose to keep passwords, keep autofill, clear cookies etc by ticking boxes.

Gervase wrote:
I found with Safari that going to 'preferences', clicking the 'security' tab, then 'show cookies', doing a search for any with 'downsizer' in the name and deleting them - twice - did the trick.

Fee wrote:
It might be an idea to put the instructions for all browsers in here, I know there are some people who are still not getting on for various reasons, and clearing cookies/cache seems to be the primary issue.


To clear cookies:

Tools - Privacy - remove individual cookies - search for Downsizer - select and remove those listed

To clear browser history:

Tools - clear recent history - select everything from dropdown - ok

Now restart Firefox.


Somebody might want to clarify this, as I avoid IE like the plague and only use it for testing.

Tools - Browsing History section (under general) - delete
Restart IE

Sorry, I know this is a sticky for information but every morning I log in and then get bounced back to the log in page when I try to read or reply to a thread. I have to go to Safari again and clear the cache.
I don't need to change the password or ask for a new one, but I do need to clear the cache every single day.

Any idea why this should be the case? Crying or Very sad

I don't I'm afraid. I don't use Safari. Have you tried Gervase's suggestion above?

I've done that, Quit Safari and turned it on again and it seems OK now.
I suppose I'll know tomorrow morning because I will again accumulate cookies today.

Thank you.
My mac is now a cookie free zone!

I'm having the same problem as n with safari and firefox.
I clear the cookies each time like gervaise suggested and then can log in but each time I go back to the computer I have to do the clear the downsizer cookies again.
I'm getting used to doing it that way now, but will keep looking on here in case anyone finds out a way round it.

I have cleared down the sessions tables in the downsizer database, everyone will need to login again, but it might help those with trouble.

Sorry, Jema, it didn't work.

I closed Safari a couple of times yesterday and tried to see if I would be able to post, and I could.
But this morning I had to clear the cookies again before I could type this reply.
Something to do with it being a different date, perhaps?

At this point you need a Safari expert, it has to be something in the browser settings Confused

Googling "Safari cookie problem" brings up a heck of a lot:

is possibly helpful.

This has only been an issue since the weekend, and Downsizer is the only forum where it happens for me. I use several forums (all myfreeforum types) and they are all OK.
I haven't changed any settings, apart from clearing the cache and cookies on what is now a daily basis.

I have all the updates for Safari.

Is it still happening for other people?


It is I concede odd, but the one change is that downsizer has gone over to the more flexible myfreeforum cookie system!

I am using Safari and having no problems at all Confused

Would the problem, therefore, be solved, if we deleted n?

Who are you deleting?


It seems to be working for me now in firefox and safari. Hope you manage to get sorted soon n.

I couldn't log in in firefox - kept changing my password then checked with ie and it worked.

i then deleted the sites cookies on firefox - the found my way here

Kept me off for a while though ....

may an admin be could do a little hack on the login form and edit text on login screen to link to instructions to sort out login problems.

ages since i played with phpBB in its previous incarnations - but i seem to remember that sort of thing wasn't hard to do.

I'm sure you losing a lot of non computer literate types.


good idea.

Logging in - help!

I'm trying to log in via my new tablet and it won't let me.
I have been logging in automatically for so long I'm not even sure any longer what my password is, so I can't change it via my laptop as I need to confirm it first.

Having tried to log in 5 times already on the tablet it has now told me to go away for 30 minutes Crying or Very sad

Can anyone help me?
Midland Spinner

Hit the 'help I've forgotten my password' link on the log in page and Admin should send you a new password.

Andrew helped me out, thanks to you all Laughing
Barefoot Andrew

Very Happy
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