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Can't stay connected to internet

What it says. It's doesn't look like the router/wi-fi 'cos the television, ipad and phones aren't having a problem. Both laptops running Windows 10 are though.
It's better on this one if I use a cable but it still keeps dropping out momentarily and then reconnecting.
Anyone got any bright ideas for where to look?

turn everything off
clean, mechanically adjust for contact and wd40 every plug and make sure they go back in properly.
turn everything on again.

if that wont sort it i would probably go with a "what is wrong with my broadband?" check with your isp and / or online.
some isp's have online diagnosis if you can get any sort of connection, some have in person helpline diagnosis and a list of known issues by area etc , some dont.

having had a couple of nocoms issues with BT i now have superfast for a bit less than the price of basic Laughing
once they sent a bloke with meters and techy stuff for the second time they connected my 100 m of copper wire to a different terminal in the box and i now get pretty decent stability and speeds.

ps it might be the router as different machines have different expectations regarding data qualities
might be the machine that isnt working properly not working properly

happy hunting. Laughing

Sorted after quite a long time on the phone to BT help (which is fair enough, obviously they check the most likely things first), apparently next-door-neighbour's son had set up a network which was interfering with ours.

I was quite enjoying the retro dial-up stylee of using with fon off a neighbour's router.

Arse. Not sorted.

Bought new router today. Appears to have sorted it. Took a while to get the Hi-Fi to forget the old network and connect to this one. Otherwise all good and easy enough to set up. New one's a TP-link Archer VR600 if anyone's interested.

The initial problem appears to be a known but randomly occurring issue with BT Homehub routers.

glad you found the problem and sorted it ,finding the weak link along the data chain is a job i never really enjoy.

All the fixes I could find said 'this works sometimes/may work until there's an update' and involved getting further under the bonnet than I really like. In the end sorted for £100 and 30 minutes work seems like a better use of my time/money.*

*Actually Jamanda paid for it.

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