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Can the bank do this?

A mix-up/misunderstanding with a direct debit payment that I thought had finished resulted in a DD withdrawal from my business account when there was no money there. I was in fact going to close the account as I've stopped trading as an electrician.
The bank then charge me 30 for the DD being returned unpaid. This pushed me into overdraft by the said 30 so the bank then charge me a further 20 for being overdrawn (there is no overdraft facility on the account).
I thought they weren't supposed to be doing this sort of thing anymore or is that just for private (i.e. non-busines accounts)?

I think for a business account they can do whatever the hell they like!

they can but if you explain nicely what happened they may waive the charges

I think not. The direct debit guarantee should cover it all.
I would expect them to refund it all without trouble if you explain nicely as dpack says, but if they don't then go to the FSA.

The Dd guarantee won't apply if you only thought it wasn't supposed to happen, but it was. Only if the money was actually taken in error.
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