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Canada to re-evaluate neonics.

Re-evaluation of Neonicotinoid Insecticides
The re-evaluation of this cluster of active ingredients, will focus on resolving issues related to environmental risk; in particular, the potential for effects of nitro-guanidine neonicotinoids on pollinators in light of changes in the information required and global updates to the pollinator risk assessment framework. This re-evaluation will consider all agricultural uses of nitro-guanidine neonicotinoid insecticides including soil applications, seed treatment, as well as foliar and greenhouse uses.

Britain still pandering to big agribusiness & blaming everything but.
E-mail your MP, pressure your local bee group & buy organic fruit & veg. Wink

France bans bee-killing pesticide but it's still rife here
Neonicotonoid pesticides, which are used on 30 per cent of British cropland, disrupt the nervous systems of pest insects such as aphids but also affect non-target species such as bees. Large doses can kill bees, but the French study, backed by France's food safety agency Anses, showed that exposure to non-lethal amounts affects bees' homing ability, putting colonies at risk of collapse.

Britain only banned DDT 10 years after the US & it seems nothing has changed.
There is irrefutable proof now, from multiple sources, of these chemicals effects on pollinators, & no excuse for their use.
It's time for the UK to not only ban these chemicals, but to also reassess testing procedures for new agrochemicals.
The LD50 method is now out of date & testing should be removed from the companies producing the products to a truly independent authority.
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