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Canker in Cherry Trees

Can anyone offer any advice on treating canker in cherry trees? I have a client with a cherry orchard which is absolutely rife with it.

Advice seems to be to prune off affected branches, but this is so bad it's on the main stems and pruning off everything would take the orchard back to a field of stumps!

I'd also appreciate any book recommendations covering the organic care of cherries generally.


Once you have serious canker it could well be time to replant, although you can keep it at bay by careful pruning. Make sure tol
Old are sterilised before cuts into healthy wood

Canker = Gummosis

All applicable fungicides are being taken off the domestic market, that is those based on copper.

Bordeaux Mixture and Copper oxychloride cannot be sold after the 30th November 2014 and must be used before the 30th November 2015.

Mind you I have never found Bordeaux much good.

Cut out affected branches in mid summer when its dry. So the cut branches callus over quickly to prevent the fungus getting in. then apply wound sealant.

If its on the main trunks, the answer is get them out and burnt. Not chipped.

Commercially Certis - Cuprokylt 50% w/w copper oxychloride.
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