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Car Free to Good Home

Nope I'm not joking. DH and I have decided that there is no point us running two cars when he now works 2 minutes away from home.

So my gem of a car is off the the parking lot in the sky if I can't find someone who wants it before the end of February.

It's a J reg 1.4 white Fiat Tipo and apart from not liking cold mornings is as reliable as anything. The boot capacity is amazing. The back seats go right down and you can carry just about anything in there. I've even transported a gas cooker in the thing. She has a few little things that need sorting (heater, one mirror and rear windscreen wiper) but all the parts for these are already in the car, I just haven't been able to fit them yet.

She is only taxed and tested until February but to be honest she's had 600 pounds worth of work done on her in the last two years and I can't honestly see her failing on much this time around.

So if anyone wants a workhorse free of charge then please pm me, I shall be sorry to see her go and I would much rather she carried on with her working life than go through a crusher somewhere as she is a very useful old girl.

if i had known you were looking for a new home for her before i paid almost 100 to tax my heap of tin, i would have been round like a shot. oh well, any one getting rid around june time.??????

You can get a refund on the car tax.

S'okay, someones PM'd me and she is off to a good home this afternoon Very Happy I'm very happy as she is a lovely little car and not yet ready to head to the scrapyard.

damn...i was just going to offer a home for her...serves me right for thinking about it...
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