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Maxwell Smart

Carbon Fibre Bike Frame

Anybody have any ideas what to do with a carbon fibre bike frame?

I recently damaged my bike in an accident and it's a shame as it is still a fairly new frame and looks ok but I don't feel that it is safe to ride anymore. The frame shows ripples where it was hit and knowing how carbon fibre tends to fail....

Thus am wondering the best way to dispose of it is... any ideas?

Try HQ Fibre Products....

If you want it repaired.

HQ Fibre Products
5 Norwich Road
NR13 4BH (Road Map)

Tel: 01603 713972
Fax: 01603 713972


Colour Tech: - 01322 555549.
DA1 4LX.


Carbon Repair Technology ltd

Try contacting these people?

If it's still fairly new (under a year) then get in touch with the manufacturers. As long as you weren't going off-road down-hill on a raod-bike frame then they'll probably replace it for you, or offer you a steel frame instead.
Maxwell Smart

Thanks for responses. The bike should be replaced under insurance so it really is a question of what to do with the frame.

Though I suppose I could hang it on the wall as art....

Ask these guys here, someone will have a view on this:

I'm unaware of any recycling initiatives for carbon fibre components.

It's no use as a bike frame. If it's showing surface ripples then it has delaminated internally and the strength is badly compromised. I've seen an aircraft wing made from composite, which looked perfect, but under testing was found to have lost 95% of it's strength due to a bird impact.

As for other things to do with it? Certainly nothing that requires structural strength. And trying to join it is just asking for trouble.

A piece of art is probably the best you'll do with it.

Once the carbon fibre is set in the resin matrix, it's pretty irreversible, there's no way of recovering the fibre, or the resin, from the matrix.

As far as recycling goes then, it's a total loss.

Maybe a local school or university engineering department might have a use for it as an educational tool?

You will definitely get a very lively debate on the cyclechat website!
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