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Carrot & Turnip Curry

Talking of peasant food, this is another of my faves:

1kg Leeks
1kg Carrots
1kg Turnips
4 cloves garlic finely chopped
grated ginger
1tsp fenugreek
2tsp cumin
1/2 tsp turmeric
salt & chillies to taste
Oil (as little as you can get away with to prevent sticking)
Turnip greens (any other good striong green will work, black kale maybe?)
Coriander for garnishing

finely slice leeks, sweat down the whites with chopped garlic and ginger in some veg oil

Add whole spices and turmeric and give it a good blast

Add diced veg

Cook until al dente

Add leek tops and the tops of your turnips if you have them (chopped finely), as well as salt and chillies

Cook gently till the veg are done to your liking. My mum used to like it quite mushy, I prefere mine a bit firmer

Garnish with fresh coriander if you like

Very simple and cheap, can be done with onions if you don't have leeks.

I like it with makki di roti

I like the sound of that one.

Yummy! toothy7
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