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Cat behaviour question

One of our current cats does a thing we've not seen before (with all the other cats who've lived with us).

So - he gets a saucer of milk of an evening (Lactose free milk), slurps it down, then tries to dig up the carpet around the saucer and bury it. Doesn't do it to the food bowl of biscuits, just the milk saucer.

Any ideas?

Sounds like typical crazy cat behaviour, he obviously thinks that the milk bowl should be protected from the other cats and hidden for later

I've always found it entertaining when my cat tries to bury things (usually in the litter box) but when the material he is trying to bury it with clearly won't work (the floor, the wall, etc...)

The instinct clearly overrides any logic that might exist in that little noggin

my half wolf never really got to understand the outside works/lino does not work in relation to his bone maturing experiments.

i suspect the cat may have similar issues.

That flies, thanks folks.

Never before encountered a cat who buries things except the obvious in the litter tray. Now, with a litter tray some will try to drag in the carpet for thoroughness but only at the litter tray.

He is a gorgeous friendly lump - but does have a bit of a sulk at times about the other cats (two were here first but that doesn't count) so hiding the different saucer that has the extra special I don't get it every meal white stuff. Yup, that works for me.
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