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Caterpillars have won.

In spite of being organically sprayed and having the caterpillars picked off - they've consumed almost all my tuscan kale. Just a few leaves at the top. Do I cut the stems down to almost ground level to see if any new growth appears?

I don't usually need to cover with enviromesh but this year I should have!

Do I bin the lot? Buy some mesh and plant more kale? Or stick to growing turnips (as recommended on telly last night) Very Happy
Mistress Rose

If the centres of the kale are still there, persevere. If you want to, plant some more too, but if you keep going with the caterpillar removal, you may win through. I am currently defending my kale and purple sprouters against the caterpillars having just about won through against the slugs and snails. I suppose the next thing will be the pigeons. Sad

Thank you for your words of encouragement. I shall persevere. Very Happy

Was your organic spray a Bt? If not, pick some up.
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