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Caterpiller ID ?

I have scoured the internet, and all of my books but I cannot identify this caterpillar.

They is eating my quince leaves.

Any body any ideas, as I have 2 species in mind, but they are not quite correct to the books.


It's a Vapourer Moth caterpillar


That looks like the one.

I think I will move them off my quinces thou.

Wikipedia says they like Prunus, so I will put them onto some blackthorn. But I must watchout for the toxins on the bristles.

Don't worry about "Toxins" , you'll never notice them !

They'll be fine on Blackthorn or hawthorn and since the females have no wings, wherever you put them, you're pretty much starting new colonies - I'd spread them about a bit, where you think they'll be safe from too much cutting ! Cool

The cocoons are quite high up the twigs, so may well get destroyed by even quite light trimming in the winter.

lovely caterpillars - almost completely grown btw so they won't be "stripping your bushes"
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