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john of wessex

Cattle (Livestock) Panels

I have been looking into 'training' squash.

(One Man and His Pumpkin anyone?)

US bases sites recommend 'Cattle Panels' suggested as 16 x 4 feet

Defined as

Livestock panels are a heavy gauge galvanized welded wire fencing material. They are also commonly called "cattle","hog", or “sheep” panels. They are almost a must have on any new farm or homestead.

But I cant find anything like this from a UK based supplier - ideally near Frome

Any suggestions??
Ty Gwyn

Sounds similar to Weld Mesh,like you see on hay racks and at the bottom half of some gates,dog runs etc.

Most agri depots should stock it,but not seen 16 x 4 sizes,usually smaller.

Try Mole Valley.
Mistress Rose

You could try crowd control fencing panels. They have weldmesh inners and a stout frame outer. We use them for deer fencing, but the 6' high ones. Think you can get them about 4' high. Try looking on the internet for local suppliers.

Cattle panel has become very popular for low cost poly tunnels as well

This is what they're referring to:

There are varying gauges used. Hog panels typically have the additional cross pieces for placing near ground level.

Squash shouldn't need the heaviest (read most expensive) gauge.

I think it can also be had in 100 ft long rolls
Ty Gwyn

The lighter gauge on a roll is available over here,but only seen 2 x 2 locally.

some of the tree guard folk sell weld mesh by the roll. iirc by the roll is a lot cheaper than in panels. they deliver.

it cuts with bolt croppers.

add a frame of some sort, either fabricated or improvised .

Ty Gwyn

That`s the stuff.
Mistress Rose

You can also buy the stuff in rolls as deer fence in various grades. The advantage with panels is that they are easier if you want to remove it and put it somewhere else, which is what we do in the woods. I think the stuff we use looks rather like the horse panels.
john of wessex

It looks to me as though they are 'flexible' wire fencing panels, BUT unlike weldmesh or similar are 'edged' so wont take your eyes out in the dark..........

if cutting from a roll you can choose spikes or smooth by picking a side of the "box" to locate the bolt croppers.

wildcard suggestion .have you considered scaff netting and posts with a rather posh string arrangement? wire ropes are ace if tensioned to good anchors

if i understand the purpose does it really need a metal bed frame if a "hammock" will do the job ?
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