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Jam Lady

Cayuga Ducks

My friend Charlie is switching over his uncle's wholesale tree and shrub nursery to vegetable production for a farm stand and CSA. He has chickens AND Cayuga ducks.

Cayuga? you ask. It is a very cold hardy developed-in-America breed that definitely has some native black duck ancestry. Lovely grey-shelled eggs, good layers, rather quiet.

Here's a picture:

Charlie is so pleased with them that he recently got more ducklings. How about this for cute!

What do you think / care to comment?

When I was there a few days ago to get eggs Charlie said he'd sold out this morning. Being egg-less, I asked if he could look in the hen house, that if he could find even two that would be more than I had at home. So we wandered over, he disappeared inside and came out with both hands full (and Charlie has big hands.) So I pouched up the edge of my T-shirt and the eggs were deposited. Charlie turned around back to the hen house saying "There's more . . . . " I ended up with 19 eggs jumbled up in my shirt.

As I'm edging around the junk on the ground my sweet husband says, "Now don't trip!" He and Charlie both laughed. Men think they're so funny.

And he has the insistently broody hen now sitting on far too many Cayuga eggs - Charlie wants to see if she can hatch them.

I live in a terrific part of the Great Garden State of New Jersey, don't I just!

I do like ducks. (I *don't* want to own any ever. But I always like other people's pictures and duck related anecdotes.) Smile
Mr O

Wonderful ducks, I got sent some by accident after ordering Kakis on ebay. They turned out great.

I kept Cayugas for a few years. Lovely ducks. The fox thought so too.

I have one Cayuga duck which is now a couple of years of years old. She's not a great layer and as Cayugas get older they tend to get some white feathering on them.

We got some Cayuga eggs off e-bay last year and they all hatched. One of the females is currently sitting on 10 eggs now which are due to hatch in a few days.
Nice looking ducks and tasty too Smile
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