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Celandine day

Did you know today is supposed to be the first day celandines flower?

Just saw the first ones opening, plenty of daffs, dandelions and daises about.

Yep. No wild daffs yet, but field speedwell and lots of hazel catkins. The wild garlic is up too, though not flowering yet.

The softer south. Nothing showing here yet except snowdrops, lots and lots and lots of them.

Yes - I think it has been a good year for the snowdrops. There are only a few celandines so far. And a lovely scented patch of escaped sweet violets behind the old work house wall. I wonder if they used to use them to make Devon violets perfume.

snowdrops ,crocus ,hazel ,nettle etc etc and celandines here ,but no daffs ,frogporn or other rites of spring

i recon timing depends on temp ,day length and adaptations to local conditions
Mistress Rose

I haven't seen any celendines yet, in fact in the woods the leaves aren't showing that much, even along the west side of the open path. Have seen plenty of snowdrops and crocuses, one dandelion and a few early daffodils in sheltered, warm places. We are usually a little later than you in Devon and Dorset Jamanda.
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