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Over years we have lost bits of rendering around the bottom of the wall on the inside of our porch due to damp. To rectify this I got a 10kg tub of Cementone from screwfix for 10.99 its a rapid setting (20 mins) waterproof cement and 1 kg mixed with 0.25 ltrs of water you get a double cream consistency cement that is exceptionally easy to apply to the wall with a trowel. There was no slumping and it left a really smooth finish with minimum amount of trowelling. On the bucket it says it can be used underwater for drain repairs and in areas when you need a quick fix. I wish I'd found it years ago!, 1 kg dry mix covers an area 18" x 6" x 1/2" approx.
       Downsizer Forum Index -> Make Your Own/DIY
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