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Nell Merionwen

changes to the EU cosmetic laws.

Blimey...what a lot of stuff.
The first hurdle is getting past the new CPNP registration process. you have to register with ECAS to be able to register with SAAS to gain access to CPNP. Then you have to wait to be "validated". Once in you really are left feeling you have been magically granted access to the inner sanctum and may have to roll up a trouser leg and learn funny hand shakes.
Then you have to register each and every cosmetic recipe with the addition of up loading the label information and a photograph of the product.
Then you have to make sure your "rather costly" Safety Assessments are upgraded to include all the new information and toxicological reports. This has turned my 372 page document into a 1100 page document.
Then I have to hold a PIF (product information file) on every product. This has always been the case but now I have to add more and more stuff to it.

I'm sure that food manufacturers/chefs/restaurants don't need to jump through these hoops and they are creating things to eat not just put on the skin. sheesh!

It's no bloody wonder the shop launch is taking longer than I thought.
Why oh why did everything have to change now?
Midland Spinner

What a palaver.
The amount of red tape & paperwork seems a little overkill considering that our ancestors managed to make soap from basically cooking fat and wood ash, but ..... I suppose there's something uniquely nasty about soap that takes the skin off your face, so I can understand why we need checks.

Hand in there, you'll get it all sorted and it will be fab.

*e.t.a. Hang, not hand. oops.
Nell Merionwen

The silly thing is that it's only soap that has any sort of "nasty chemical reaction" in it. Everything else (except EOs) is so gentle you could eat it. It really does seem like overkill.
Rob R

Everything else (except EOs) is so gentle you could eat it.

Maybe you should make 'food' instead, then, and it's up to the customer where they put it. Wink
Mistress Rose

Unfortunately the rules don't differentiate between you and the really big cosmetic companies. A friend of my son's worked in a local cosmetic factory for a while, and a lot of the stuff they used is labelled with the 'harmful' cross, and taken together can be quite nasty.

Going back to your example of soap; sodium hydroxide, which is used in many soaps is very caustic if it isn't mixed properly, to say nothing of the artificial perfumes used in most soaps. If you are using dilute potassium hydroxide and only natural oils in very small quantities for instance, you are of course talking of a very different risk factor, but still the same rules apply.

Sorry for you having to do all this, but once it is done, you should be able to get on with the making and selling. The feedback from your guinea pigs on the forum is very positive. Good luck.
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