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Chanterelles 2012!

While out cycling I was pleased to stumble across what turned out to be quite a large area of chanterelles. While not the first I've found this year they are the first I've picked and I'm especially pleased they are about considering the bad weather and lack of decent habitat around here.

They're just going to be lightly fried in a little butter and eaten with some new spuds we've picked (aka rescued from the blight). Razz


Good stuff. Might go and have another little wander tomorrow then.
Northern Boy


This makes me happy. I love chanterelles.

I have seen a few nubs but nothing substantial.

Nothing here .

Well, I'm still alive which is always a good sign. Laughing Very tasty although I might need to find some decent recipes - anyone have any favorites?

I did notice quite a few old, brown ones so they've been up for quite a while. (I might have some spore relocation plans for a few of those Cool ) There was also plenty of tiny buttons so many more to come hopefully.
Duane Dibbley

I usually just fry in butter with salt and pepper and serve on toast Very Happy

Yes, I just cook them simply, fried in a little butter or in a plain omelet. I was wondering if there's other traditional recipes as they're such a famous 'shroom.

We found another patch today and there were several huge examples. Sadly any decent sized ones seem to be either dry or past it, which is a bit strange as it's still quite damp around here.

At least another patch I know had several worth picking so that's breakfast sorted. Cool

I unexpectedly found two patches of them yesterday, so had to carry them home in a cardigan. I'll be having them for lunch tomorrow.

Wow!! My fav mushrooms ever!!

I like to fry them with potato and onions or by itself they absolutely delicious with sour creme/creme freche and fried onions (if you like onions)

Them you can eat them like this by itself (what I normally end up) or put them on top of your pasta.


Chanterelles are hard to come by in my neck of the woods Wink
so when I do get the chance I like to do them justice and cook them in butter and add them to a beurre blanc sauce with a nice piece of fish.Highly recommended!
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