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Charity bags (door-to-door collections)

The third bag in under a month has been shoved through my letterbox, this time in aid of one "Little Treasures Children's Trust".

We urgently need: Adult and children clothing, paired shoes, bedding, handbags, belts, soft toys, perfumes and cosmetics

Having looked at their website, I was none too impressed by their professionalism, and a Google search revealed they have fallen foul of local licensing laws in some places (Illegal charity collection in Little Hadham). However, Craven DC have told me they do have a licence for this area.

We never put stuff out in those charity bags. Far too many of them are businesses which give a (small) percentage to charity.
If we've got stuff that can't be passed on o someone we know but is still usable it goes to the charity shop in town.

I agree with Sean, we get inundated with these bags and many of them seem a bit dodgy. Far easier to take a few things to the charity shops in town when doing errands

There was a story on the BBC radio news a couple of weeks (?) back about the amount of actual charity bags that are being stolen! Apparently the perpetrators have vans going around really early on the days of collection, hoovering them up before the 'real' charity collectors get there! The charity they interviewed, seemed to think they were loosing vast sums of money to this, and that it was organised!

Answer seems to be - take it to the shops yourself!


I like getting those bags - saves me buying bin bags. I donate "stuff" direct to charity shops too, but I don't think they are necessarily as pure as the driven snow. I was in a local CS recently and overheard the conversation when a driver arrived to pick up a load of items - the CS "manager" was flogging the items for 10p each to whatever organisation the driver worked for. I didn't enquire about what was going on, but it certainly sounded a bit off given that as a customer I would have to pay considerably more than 10p for a book or vase in there.

I get sceptical if I can't find a registered charity number, the website is tat, and a hotmail email address combined with a mobile number also sets alarm bells ringing
Green Rosie

When we were in the UK we got them regularly but no-one ever collected them and they would sit in the road for days until dogs/cats/foxes opened them hoping for a snack. The only one I ever recognised as an actual charity was SCOPE which I did put out and as ever it was never collected.

I use the bags to put over pots that are drying too fast Very Happy

The more I hear about these collections, the less I like them.

I would love to only get three bags a month. Some days here we get two through the letter box. I too use them as rubbish bags.

I turn them inside out and then use them for delivering what we are giving to the BHF charity shop when we take them! That and for giving on clothes to friends etc

I've had at least three this week! I also take my redundant stuff direct to the charity shops.

I used to get 10-12 a week - so I put up a NO JUNK MAIL OR CHARITY BAGS THANK YOU notice on the front door

Still get the odd bag now and again and the occasional bit of junk mail

Asked one woman junk mail deliverer if she could read - the answer I got was she didn't consider the Pizza Delivery Menu junk mail - Surprised - told her I did and made her take it back!!

I get really fed up with all the excess paper and plastic generated - and as I recycle as much as possible and have wheelie bins I don't need rubbish bags Laughing

We never put stuff out in those charity bags. Far too many of them are businesses which give a (small) percentage to charity.

At least some of them are honest though and say how much.
One came through my door:
PALS wrote:
All clothing, etc will be collected by Nesta Trading Company Ltd who will pay 50 per tonne to the charity for any clothing not wanted by Canine Pals Charity Shops.

Last I heard, the going rate for scrap clothes was nearer 50p/kg; ten times as much... and "PALS" don't seem to have any shops listed in the yellow pages...

I did a bit of rummaging and concluded the trustee of the charity was married to the proprietor of the collection company.
Moaned at the Charity Commission, but they did not seem to care. It does leave one wondering what their purpose actually is. Confused

I get on average one bag a day, and I've NEVER actually seen bags out to be collected in the morning. Do these people think that people only wear clothes once and then throw them away, or something?

This must be a more urban thing, as I have never had a 'charity' bag delivered here.

I take clothing/items direct to the Red Cross charity shop in the nearest town.

i never use them there is always some one in need a lot closer to home you never know what will be done with the bags at least by giving to my local community i know its done a good turn xx

We probably get about 5 a week, it's ridiculous Mad I prefer to give directly to a charity shop and use there bags for rubbish.

The British Heart Foundation spills the beans... Link
Monki magic

Yeah I know alot of these bags are a scam round here and never even see charity hands. Most of it goes in to private hands, even the legitimate bags are collected by "thieves" alot of the time. I would never use them.

Get these bags on a weekly basis when looking at what they give to said charity.It is anywere from 70 to 100 a ton take into account there are companies that will come and collect paying 40pence a kilo 400 a ton.Then we look at what is being paid per ton for used clothing 1500 the only people who gain from this is the so called charity collectors.Give direct to the charity shops makes more sense.

We get them delivered but not collected. Too much work out here in the countryside I guess.
They annoy the pants off me. We all know where to find a charity shop don't we? Or two.
Anyway, I use them for binliners.

We get these all the time, I never use them as anything we have that's worth re-using either gets given to friends or to our local charity shops from which we regularly buy stuff. I use the bags for whatever I need a large plastic bag for as otherwise they are just more plastic bag rubbish to go to waste.

When clearing the house all stuff to keep goes in charity bags all rubbish goes in black back then there is no confusion as everybody knows the system.

Yep.. plenty of bags coming through our letterbox too.. don't mind at all, very useful they are ! Very Happy
I never leave filled bag out but instead we do little clear out once a year and take it straight to the shop...usually PDSA and they send me letter later on and telling me how much they've earned from our 'junk' Very Happy I could never earn that amount of money in carboot sale..and would have to spend money for traveling and the 'table' and spend all day of selling it...and probably bring most of it back home too...all the hard work for 'peanuts'.
We don't tend to buy much of stuff that can be passed on for charities or sold in carboot sales in first place!
Little lane nearby us regularly has charity bags thrown into hedgerows...probably nicked from streets and rummaged through in hope of finding something decent and sellable Mad ..what a mess!
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