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Righty all.
I'm thinking of planning a charter trip at some point this month as I don't have a boat myself and its always a good day out. Would any downsizers want to come along ?
I was thinking of going from somewhere like Weymouth or Lyme Regis.
if anyone wants a lift up from the Plymouth(ish) area that would be fine. Views/wishlists/dates/suggestions of boat are all welcomed.
Many thanks

Just been looking up a charter from Lyme Regis

Cost would be 25 for an 8 hour trip aboard the "Neptune". That is with 12 of us going. Obviously it rises the less of us that go.

PM me if you want further details or to discuss anything else


Anyone ???


I would love to but probably a bit far for me to travel, Sea fishing is something I want to try as I have only ever had 5 hours off the coast of Tenerife as experiance.

Bump !!
Any south coast fishing type people ??
king rat

12 is a lot to take on a charter trip mate, you will spend all day undoing tangles, much better to pay a bit more and take less people. I will only ever take 4 on my boat so we all have plenty of room to fish
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