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Cheapest Black Plastic / Weed Suppressing Material

I need aprox 8 x 4m of weed suppressant material. Can anyone point me in the right direction of the cheapest online source please?


cheapest would be a couple of old carpets

for plastic builders merchants are a good bet, although a cheap tarp from wilco or wherever will do a pretty good job.

in small sheet sizes stuff is often 4 x 5 but sometimes a 25m roll is cheaper than 2 cut bits Wink
Nicky Colour it green

cardboard. you can get it from shops, big DIY stores, bike shops are good.

I wouldnt use carpet at all. Even wool ones are treated.

Thanks for your replies.

I've been recommended the following from ebay:

I have ordered 10 metres which will be enough for what I need. I can reuse this as well & I also need some spare to put down for paths across the plot so theis will do the job nicely for that too

I've got some weed control fabric on it's way so I intend on covering the plot for 6 weeks first then adding compost.

However I can buy bulk manure at 2/3 of the price.

Am I OK to put that under the cover once the grass has died off & leave it until next spring? I assume manure will happily turn into compost over the next 9 or 10 months?

i would put it on top of the grass etc first off and cover the lot Wink
Mistress Rose

As you have bought special stuff it should be all right, but don't use the cheapest black plastic as it isn't opaque. We have used the stuff farmers use to cover hay etc.; it is opaque, and although you have to buy quite a lot, it lasts for a good few years.

Over here there's a billboard company that sells old billboard coverings for cheap. Give 'em a call?

I work in a stores for a tractor company and get cardboard boxes in about 5 by 3ft So sheets of16ft long x 6ft wide can be got from that. It includes the flaps of the top and bottom of the case. I bale this stuff everyday and it goes to the place next door for recycling I could get a pile ready of around 20 sheets at least every month. I will ask the boss at work if he is willing for me to do this. I already give a lot of it away to the playgroup who use it for all sorts of things.
It comes in around 1/4 inch to 1/2ths thick, 6-7mm to 13mm). It is normal corrugated board with 2 or 3 "wavey" walls and there would always be slots in the side pieces where the original box turned the corners at each side to form the top and the bottom. I could, subject to the boss's approval, store some at work, but for obvious reasons no one will want to travel too far. My nearest sensible town is Welshpool, mid East-Wales.
Those would be almost the biggest pieces and when folded I can get them in the back of my swb Shogun-with some creases obviously.
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