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We're just getting into the main season for English cherries, if you can get them cheap enough try some cherry jam, streets away from anything you can buy.

Try some cherry vodka.

1 ltr cheapest vodka.
Enough dark cherries to come half way up your chosen brewing container large jar will do.
200gms Castor sugar or to taste.

Stone cherries add to jar
top up with the sugar.
Add the vodka
Seal down and shake well.

Shake jar couple of times a day till the sugar is dissolved then occasionally as you remember. Drinkable in a month the longer you leave it the better it gets.

Strain if you must but not necessary. Don't waste the cherries great on icecream or added to pancakes with lots of cream.


I was going to try some home made cherryade (sodastreams are great as long as you don't use their foul syrups) at the weekend, never got round to it BUT looking like another scorcher this saturday so might give it a go
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