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chestnut puree bargain!

my local Tesco is selling jars of sweetened chestnut puree off for 49p, even tho best before date is aug 2009.....thought that was a bargain so bought a few!

now searching for cake recipes.....feel free to post one!

Chocolate Chestnut Dessert (a pudding that freezes well - freeze in single portions or as much as you're likely to need at one sitting)

This is very rich, you won't need much per person.

6oz dark chocolate
3oz butter
3oz castor sugar
15oz can of chestnut puree
3 tbsps rum / brandy
1/2 pint double cream

1. melt the choc in bowl over simmering water
2. cream butter and sugar together, add chestnut puree and mix
3. add melted choc, alcohol, and cream (do not whip the cream)
4. pour into bowl / portion packs / etc, put in fridge to set
5. if freezing, then put in freezer

You could also use it as a kind of ganache filling for making chocolates (see Cab's chocolate article) - leave to cool in fridge, then cut small pieces off to coat in chocolate / roll in cocoa

Recipe from Farmhouse Kitchen 2, YTV Publications, 1978

sounds good, but I don't eat chocolate (migraine avoidance!)

Have 'invented' a cake now, will post it if it's any good!

I wonder if you could incorporate it into some kind of roulade-type dessert ?
Or use it in a loaf-type cake that requires nuts (like date and walnut, but maybe fig and chestnut instead).
Or in a nut roast instead of ground-up nuts.

it is sweetened, so sweet recipes only....found a recipe for chestnut cheesecake which looks good for special occasions.
All the roulade recipes I've found also have chocolate in, but could be adapted.

my cake ready in 10!

Mont Blanc: vanilla-flavoured chestnut puree topped with Chantilly cream.

recipe for chestnut cake added to database!

Ta Wink

Excellent - must have turned out well then !
Thanks for posting the recipe, alisjs.
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