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Chestnuts: how and when to use them?

The chestnut tree down the road is prolific this year. In the past there were only a few, so I kept them for a while and then soaked them (because by then they had dried out) before cooking them with Brussels' around Christmas.
But now: can I cook and eat them straight away, or do I have to keep them for a bit, like I do with hazelnuts for instance?
And what else can I do with them please? Simple stuff only, I'm afraid ....

You can roast them straight away.

roast chestnut and parsnip soup is ace

roast chestnut and parsnip soup is ace

I did that once, made the mistake of leaving it out overnight. It fermented and went rank. What surprised me was that it was an unheated kitchen in winter, in about 12 hours.

I generally roast them rather than doing anything thing frilly.

Roast gets my vote, they store for ages in a plastic bag in the fridge. Was still eating them in March this year

They store for ages hanging in a wire rack in a damp corridor - I prefer storing things the old-fashioned way! I just found some of last year which were a bit dry and needed soaking but then cooked well.
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