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Chick crumbs. A little tip.

I've always bought in bags of chick crumbs for my small chicks but have always struggled with the last few chicks of the season. The older birds will have moved on to growers pellets or whole grain and it hasn't been worth buying a full bag just for the last few chicks.
I've been met with the same situation this year but this time around, I've come up with a cunning plan. I've nicked the coffee grinder from the house and I've been putting growers pellets and wheat through it. Guess what ? It works.

I do the same thing. Wink

I had to do that earlier in the year when everywhere round here had sold out of chickcrumbs---works fine but quite noisy Very Happy

Get a better coffee grinder. Laughing

Chick crumbs are very seasonal, in as much that the demand for them tends to be in the spring and early summer. This means that bags can lie around the feed merchants for long periods of time in the slow season.

In the past, I've been sold bags that have been alive with mites. The way to check if your chick crumbs are infested, is to put a small pile of the crumbs on a plate and then to watch it carefully. After a minute or two, you may very well see these almost microscopic insects actually rearrange the pile and change its shape before your very eyes. Shocked

This is one of the reasons why i've been thinking about getting a small grain mill or roller.
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