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Chicken allergy

Anyone ever became allergic to poultry after they have kept them,
Every time I clean mine out I end up sneezing that much,I end up looking like Gilbert the alien!
I remember being the same when we had African greys.
Rolling Eyes

It's the feather-dust I think. It doesn't bother me; but it does get everywhere Sad

damping things down when sweeping etc can help but once folk get sensitized to something tis perhaps time to stop

tt has become sensitized to guinea pigs so these will be the last ones

I did wonder if it was the feather dander,as I've changed back to shavings inside the shed,as was using straw to compost it,
I only got 3 large fowl 2 banties and 3 Seramas so can tolerate it,as it s normally when cleaning them out,not when I feed or collect eggs/check on them.

You could change the way you keep them? I only have a small nest box to clean out as they roost above a wire mesh which I sort of scrape it clean every so often and move the hen house. The shavings in the nest box are on a sheet of cardboard which I just fold up and put all of it in the compost bin. They free range so I don't have any outside area to keep clean either.

It does depend on whether its the dust from the birds or the bedding that's causing the problem. If its the bedding, then this time of the year is great for collecting dead leaves to use as bedding. I'd give that a try. They're free of charge, the birds love them and it might be the answer to your problem. Lets hope so.

These are in back garden so can't free range as they would be over in next doors garden, 3 sides are 6 ft high but they would still make that even clipped.
They are in roughly 6 x 4 shed with run attached.
I've changed bedding in between straw an shavings .so think it maybe the dander.😕

Nevertheless are you sure you need very much bedding? It's only a soft nest for eggs isn't it? With only a few hens you only need something like a washing up bowl for them to lay in. Then just tip it straight into the compost? I'll shut up because I cannot remember quite what I did when mine had to be a bit more contained.

The obvious solution is to insist someone else cleans them out. Smile
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