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Chicken bedding reprise

I have been to look at earlier threads about chicken bedding and people have mentioned Hemcore. Does anyone still use this? A couple of suppliers I have found online appear not to have it in stock so I wondered if it is still around.

Also seen mention of something from rapeseed straw, called Rapport. Any experiences of this?

Does anyone use a deep litter system? Just about to get chickens after three years without - very pleased but just realised how much
I have to sort out in next few days before I go and pick them up!

Hemcore is also sold as Aubiose I think. I sometimes use it; but chopped straw is five quid a bale cheaper and I tend to but that if they have it.

Thanks. There is a pet supplies place on the industrial estate in the village, so I shall go and investigate what they have. I suspect my choices may be different now in Lincolnshire not Cheshire (where used to buy stuff last time we had chickens)!

Ive been using shredded paper from work (and home, bought a big shreddr + stick all the junk mail through it)
Once soiled, makes excellent compost mixed with grass cuttings
john of wessex

Lawrence Hills suggested wood ash.

It's alkaline so it neutralises the acid shit, and you can then use it straight from the coop.

I have done this in the past but am told that the dust isn't good for the chickens

Interesting about wood ash, though we don't have a wood burner yet so no ash!

I tried using shredded paper when we kept chickens a few years ago - as partner's work produces lots of stuff that needs shredding. But I found it got soggy quickly and then bits blew all over the allotment!

We have a huge heap of shredded leylandii which has been sitting and rotting down for about 18 months. I thought I could mix that in with some bedding material, sparingly. But if anyone thinks this would be bad for hens, please tell me.

I mix wood ash with the shredded paper in an attempt to control lice/mites. Not sure if it helps. Some think it does;
Agree the paper does does blow about and look a bit messy

I've used peat from the garden centre as bedding. It definitely gets rid of smells and is obviously more than useful for the garden when its time is finished in the poultry pen.
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