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Despite it being very, very dry here we found our first CofW of the year yesterday. On the stump of, what looked like, a rotten oak tree. Largish, about 2 foot by 1.5 and the youngest I've found I think. I tried some lightly fried yesterday and it wasn't tough at all but very jelly like, a bit too soft really but interesting to try. It does seem to be very common round these parts.

I'm so jealous, I've never even seen one let alone tried it. Doesnt seem to exist in this part of Wales unless I'm just looking in totally the wrong places.

As it almost glows bright yellow/orange it tends to find you. Laughing To be honest though, I'm not that keen on eating it so I just take a little to try now but it is a very impressive sight.
Green Man

I dont eat anything that glows. It is one of my silly little rules. Wink

Fair play, thats early.
I might pop out to a few spots I know.
Maybe Beefsteak will make an early appearance this year?

The wood degraders often seem to fare better of things when theres dry weather. Thanks for the tip off, I'll explore in search of some later on Smile

Was it very dry 2003? I think so Confused , really hot and a dry autumn.
Anyway that year I found lots of Beefsteak and Chicken of the woods but hardly anything else.
Fortunatly it was followed by a plentiful season 2004.
2005 was pretty dry and not much around from what I remember but then 2006 was cracking.......

I started shrooming in 2002 which was a good year:

2007=?????????? Sad

Statistically it's not looking good for this year, I hope I'm wrong.
My knowledge only goes back five years. What happened in the years before 2002?
Maybe some of our older Surprised foragers can help me out, sorry should I say wiser?

Found some! And some Agrocybe cylindracea.

Raining today... Cross your fingers.


Had my best days foraging so far this year. Found my first ever Chicken-of-the-Woods. It was young and in great shape – weighed in at 600g. There were also more Oyster mushrooms than I’ve even seen. Mind, I only started mushrooming last October. Annoyingly the large about of rain that we’d had the night and days before made many of them too wet to be worth picking. Still, found plenty of good ones for a nice meal or two.

Other mushrooms of note were one Panthercap (Amanita pantherina) a few sulphur tufts (Hypholoma fasciculare) and a cluster of Clitocybe sinopica on burnt ground - Rogers Mushrooms has these as rare – At least I’ve never seen them before. Still no St Georges which I’d hoped to find.

Also got Wood Sorrel, Wild Garlic and, for the first time, Horseradish.

When I got back I made a great Wild Garlic Omlette with sautéed Oyter Mushrooms. The Chicken-of-the-Woods (well some of it) went into an organic beef stew to which I also added some of my dried Ceps from last year. Had this with some home made Horseradish cream – all really excellent!

We saw some COTW on a college trip to Fowlmere nature reserve. The wardens know it's there as well, so no chance of sampling it.

A few pictures taken at the weekend...


Oyster Mushrooms

Nice one Pete.

We went back today and the CotW I found on the 5th is still there, looking a bit old but edible. It looks like no one else had tried any. Here's a pic and I noticed it was growing on a fallen cherry tree. The camera bag is about 20cm across the top:

And another one of another CotW we found nearby, this one was smaller and younger and here's an underside shot:


PeteS wrote:

... Also got Wood Sorrel, Wild Garlic and, for the first time, Horseradish ...

come to the Vale of Pewsey, Pete, we have all those growing wild and in abundance ... Very Happy
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