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Chicken of the woods

Found a ginormous one today growing on a live tree. Now I know it's a Chicken of the Woods but my book (Collins Nature Guide Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain and Europe, Edmund Garnweidner) says it's not edible yet other places say it's the dogs doodads eating-wise. Is the book a bit over cautious since some children don't take too well to these mushrooms?

We've eaten loads of them - they lend themselves particularly to Thai style curries.

Jo's daughter found one at a Downsizer do at Ginkotree's farm, Northern lad cooked it and we all partook! And we're all stil here!

this is important info for any who choose to eat COW ......never give it away or eat it if it grows on YEW.!Its not deadly with yew but possible upsets with some people.

I thought something like 10% of people reacted badly to CotW, hence some books saying it's not edible? That and the fact many say it's poisonous if grown on yew and it's not edible when old?

no mushroom is edible when old ,some normally good to eat species actually become toxic!!!some you can eat raw ,some like morels [very sought after and expensive] you cannot eat raw.
Mistress Rose

I thought Cof the W was upsetting to about 10% of people too. Possibly best just to try a little first if you have not had it before.
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