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Chickens and leylandii

I know I have asked about this in the past, and perhaps no one knows, but any thoughts today about whether 18-month old shredded leylandii likely to be toxic to hens if I put it on the floor of their run? It is fairly crumbly, except for top layer, and has worms in it.

Ours were absolutely fine tootling around our leylandii chippings.

Thanks! We cut down about fifty leylandii when we first moved in, so we have a big heap of the shredded clippings. Other issue is that obviously whatever is in the chicken run will end up on the compost, but
I'm thinking that when mixed with chicken poo and other stuff, and being a couple of years old by then, it will be ok as part of the compost heap.

Pity you don't live closer LOL. Leylandii is a lovely wood to turn and can have some nice colouring. Never understood why it isn't grown as a commercial wood as it is much nicer and stronger than Pine IMHO.


I use pine shavings under my birds and Lleylandi is more or less the same thing. There wont be a problem.

i have composted it from green in a mixed heap,the leafy bits go quite fast but the twiggy sticks took a few years (they do work quite well to give air spaces in a big heap though).

the resulting compost seemed fine.

if it goes in as chipped wood etc with chook muck it might take a while to become fully rotted but i would expect it to be useful after a year or two.
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