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Chickens and tapeworms

Has anyone dealt with tapeworms in chickens? My daughter is looking after our hens while we are away for a couple of days and has seen 'little white bits of worm' in some chicken poo, which she looked up on web and thought are tapeworms. I will have to look when back, but one hen has stopped laying and has lost weight and been a bit lethargic in past several weeks so wonder if this could be cause. I should have been trying to find out what was wrong with her but life has been a bit full on and I have failed to do so.

So anything from anyone on how to recognise them and treat them much welcome.

Proprietary wormer fed in their feed should solve the problem. Just read the label of whatever you get to make sure it covers tape worms.

Flubenvet is the absolute best treatment for hens with worms. You can get the powder which you mix into the pellets or get pellets with the Flubenvet already added. (much easier). Marriages make them. Just google 'Marriages Farmyard Layers Pellets with Flubenvet' and you'll get there. The firm will fill in the prescription for you, as you are an experienced poultry keeper Wink

There's no egg withdrawal period. Just follow the instructions.

Flubenvet is the only one licensed for poultry, anything else & you take your chance.

Panacur sheep wormer does the job.
Nicky Colour it green

the easiest way is the feed laced with flubenvet from marriages

Will the feed with flubenvet already in it be enough if the chicken/chickens already have worms and may have had them for a while?

Yes, it deals with existing worms. I routinely worm 4 times a year to keep the birds in good condition. Im resting a paddock now for 6 months and will lime this to eradicate worms before allowing the birds back on.

Thanks all. Will look into the Marriages feed. We only have three hens and probably will end up with another three, but they are in the veg garden so we only have limited capacity for moving them around - but this all makes me think about how we can best do it.

I just get the 10kg baby of Marriages as I only have 3 hens at the moment. I worm once a year in the autumn.
Jam Lady

VM, there's a very clever gent in Australia who also keeps his chooks in the vegetable garden, and has them till the dormant rows.

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