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chilli recomendation aussie black

i got a small plant from the car boot sale last spring,tis an aussie black

a bit of a slow start outside but only a few hrs direct sunlight a day but it has done well , tis now about a ft cubed in volume has had lots of flowers which have set and still has flowers on it.

the chillis are small and pointy ,turn from green to a delightful shiney black and although quite mild in hotness they have a really good flavour

one chilli per small portion has a mild heat but lots of complex chilli tastes

good in salads,dips and cooked dishes

a right winner

im hoping to manage to overwinter it by digging it out of the fishbox,potting it and keeping it indoors til spring

Can you harvest and dry any of the seed from the set chillis? It sounds really interesting.

I was given a little chilli plant called 'Stumpy' as a gift, it is covered in bright red fruits which are nicely hot.

i will leave some on and try it,tis a very nice one,since i developed a bit of a digestive prob i have missed chillis and the low heat thing seems to be ideal to avoid irritation to my "delicate "pipes.
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