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Jam Lady

Chinese Quince

I guess it is foraging when I collect Chinese quinces, Pseudocydonia sinensis, at an arboretum. With permission, I hasten to add.

A very good size too.

There were more but I only took nine. Heretofore I've made marmalade or other sweet preserves. Turns out that in Japan sliced quince is used to make a liqueur, with sliced quince, sugar, and shochu. But I guess I could substitute vodka.
Mistress Rose

I make quince jelly, which is really nice, and have made wine and brandy. If it works well all of them are really beautiful, but both the wine and brandy seem to be lacking the delicate flavour/aroma at the moment. I have to look to see if any more of my quinces are down, as I had the first 3 a week or so ago.
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