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Chives - what to do with them?

We've about 10 clumps of chives that show up each year and I devotedly keep them weed free. Thing is we barely use them. I might cut a clump once or twice in a season and sprinkly the chopped stems onto a salad.
More often than not they get left and although the flowers are pretty it seems a waste.

Is there a sauce you can make or some other thing they can go in that would make better use of them?
Mistress Rose

My mother always used to use them in egg sandwiches. Hard boil the eggs, mash up fine with a fork, add salad cream (mayonnaise if you prefer, but we didn't know about if when I was a child) and add chopped chives to taste. Mix well.

A creamy chive sauce for fish and chicken. Mix some chopped bacon and kale into the sauce and you can use it in a jacket potato with some grated cheese.

Chopped into potato salad, they look nice as well as adding flavour.
In egg mayonnaise, chopped into salads, in cream sauce for fish, in macaroni cheese, finely chopped and mashed with garlic into butter for garlic bread.........the list goes on.

Oh, and you can eat the flowers as well, a pretty addition to a salad.

You could send a clump our way... Wink

constantly grow and can be added to mash or anything really.

You could send a clump our way... Wink

PM your address and I will Very Happy

Eat the flowers ! In salads or in mash.
I eat chives in vegetable quantities, to fill the hungry gap. Think of them as very skinny green onions.
wellington womble

They are very nice added to sandwiches and omelettes.

Soups would be a good way of using a decent sized pile.

I really enjoy breaking up the flowers and sprinkling on salads along with calendula petals when I'm feeling posh.

Good as a garish on most curries
Can be added to a tarka for dhal
Nice in tempura batter
Obviously can be added to saag Smile
Nice in omelettes
Quite useful really

They can be woven into biodegradable drinks coasters.

throw the flowers in your salad aswell, they taste great.

You could send a clump our way... Wink

PM your address and I will Very Happy
I would think it probably not worth posting... Or were you thinking of dropping by?
You're welcome to if you're coming this way.
wellington womble

I made rosti for lunch today, with chives in. Scrum my dunked in creme fraiche.
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