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Chocolate and stem ginger fudge

Chocolate & Ginger fudge (from Country Living)

Makes about 800g
500g granulated sugar
150ml whole milk
150g unsalted butter
150g plain chocolate
50g clear honey (or I use the syrup from the ginger jar)
about 110g stem ginger, chopped.

Line a 22 x 18 x 4cm baking tin (or similar) with cling film. Fill a large bowl with cold water.

Heat everything except ginger slowly in a heavy pan until sugar is disolved.

Bring to boil and stir occasionally until the fudge reaches 116C (soft ball stage) Dip the pan into the cold water then leave it on a cold surface for 5 mins to prevent crumbliness.

Beat the fudge for 5-10 mins until it'svery thick. Stir in the ginger, pour into the tin and leave until set.

Then eat it all at once.
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