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cholesterol levels in ewe's milk cheese

I have heard that ewe's milk cheese (the hard sort) has less cholesterol levels in it than cow's milk cheese.
As I am having to monitor my cholesterol levels (and have been given a mature half-cheese for Christmas), I wonder if I am on to a good thing? It is very strong, so one doesn't need a lot of it!
Has anybody had any experience or got any data on this?
Help needed!

Evidence that the medium chain fatty acids in sheep milk (different to those in cow milk) might aid cholesterol metabolism. Cholesterol level in sheep milk is 11mg/100g compared to 13mg/100g in cow milk. Deposition is inhibited by medium chain length fatty acids and sheep milk uniquely contains 25% of its fat in this form.

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When I started keeping Jacobs we were told they were low cholesterol (meat) cf standard breeds but I've never checked on this (we don't eat meat so not the incentive), but my occasional experiences of Jacob milk...mmm, amazing hot chocolate Wink.


I believe the more "primitive" sheep breeds do have a lower cholesterol level in their meat, my Manx Loaghtans are less fatty, certainly. Thanks, Trisha, for the info on the cheese! Must do a bit more research!
Rosemary Judy

cholesterol content of the diet does not translate to cholesterol in your blood - that would be far to sensible Rolling Eyes

Have a look at the BDA Food Facts

or the British heart Foundation dietary advice section.

You need to eat as little fat and oil as poss - so small amounts of cheese only...
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