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chooks get a nice big up


i did not know queen vic was a chook fan.

And that was some chicken coup that she built.


And from the article on Queen Victoria's Hen Palace,

The laying nests at Windsor are composed of dry twigs of heather—the Erica tetralix of our heaths—and small brambles of hawthorn, covered over with the lichen raugiferinus—the white lichen of our hedges, barn-doors, and park palings.

These materials, rubbed together, by the motion and. pressure of the hen, emitted a light powder, the produce of the crushed leaves; and this, finding its way, between the feathers, to the skin, was found to have the immediate effect of discharging the bird of every description of parasite.

Red mite, be gone - sadly I have no heather in my garden.

tidy and no nasty pesticides Cool

i spose the empress of india, queen of great britain and the british empire hired some very good chook keepers Laughing

it does seem worth a try if access to such bedding can be found. i can think of quite a few places i know of but permissions or stealth or guerilla "heathland/moorland restoration by mowing" are required. a decent sized bunch of heather should be within 50 miles of most of us .

We're in rented atm and our girls are lodging with Womble, I can't believe how much I miss having chickens!
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