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Chorizo (dried, like salami)


  • Pork shoulder, boneless, 2.25kg

  • Prague Powder No 2 (Cure No 2) 6g

  • Dextrose 10g

  • Garlic, peeled, 36g

  • Salt 50g

  • Acidophilus starter culture

  • Water, chilled, 60g

  • Paprika, smoked, 'hot', 16g

  • Chile Powder, (ancho), 16g

  • Cayenne Pepper 5g

  • Hog sausage casing - likely about 3m


  1. Mix the chilled, cubed, pork with the Cure No 2 and the Dextrose, then mince it through a coarse plate, and re-chill.

  2. Grind the the Garlic with the salt to make a fairly smooth paste.

  3. Dissolve your starter culture in the water.

  4. Mix the mince, the garlic paste, the starter culture liquid and the spices - to distribute things evenly and to get a slightly sticky 'bind'. Keeping it cold really helps the binding.

  5. Stuff the sausagemeat into the casing.

  6. Tie off into 30cm lengths, tied into loops.

  7. Prick any air pockets with a sterile pin. More pricking might help the drying.

  8. Hang until the weight loss reaches 30%, or its entirely stiff. Ideally this would be at about 15C and 65% humidity. Expect it to take around three weeks.


This is derived from a recipe published in Charcuterie by Ruhlman & Polcyn.

One might want to have less hot pepper and some sweet paprika.

It would be conventional to include, before the drying, a few hours of warm incubation of the culture. However, the presence of the Cure No 2 should mean that the culture justifies its inclusion for flavour rather than as an anti-botulism acidifier.
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