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Chromebooks - any opinions

We're looking for a suitable laptop for little behemoth (not so liittle anymore) to do her school/homework on. So mainly internet info gathering and working on docs, cut and paste etc etc.

It wont be used for gaming, videos, entertainment etc, we've more convenients tablet for that.

I know they suck you into the Googlepshere and that's the point as not having Windows and using cloud storage reduces costs and spec requirements and, significantly, cost.

Any problem, do they interface easily with word docs and spreadsheets? Any other Apps that can't be accessed/used?

Thanks in advance.


I looked at them but ended up buying a conventional Toshiba laptop as it was only a few quid more and came with a 500GB hard drive. I'm not mad keen on Google docs personally. Open/Libre Office suits me better. There's very, very cheap Microsoft software available to teachers/students via legal download, jamanda could let you have the details.

as most schools use ms based stuff compatibility issues would be top of my list of questions for any kit that isnt ms based.

perhaps ask the school what works with the stuff they use for worksheets,homework etc etc

The school is 'agnostic'. Probably through a fear of endorsing products they don't really know and being accused of 'making' kids get laptops. They don't move kids work around electronically, though I'm sure that will happen soon.

They are widely touted as being good for schools/students due to cost. Though I've no evidence this is the case apart from some reviews. They are work books rather than platforms to run sophisticated programmes.

If I've understood it right. And I don't know anybody with one. And didn't even know they existed until last week.


if she does not need gaming or high end graphics capability a fairly basic lappy will do the job.

small and light with good battery life would be high on my list of criteria if she needs to carry it around.
a external hard drive at home for regular back up of work etc (just in case)is a good idea
and a decent size memory stick to avoid taking the whole machine to hand in homework etc.

perhaps im not understanding what stage of" paperless" schools have reached yet.

i do think the school should provide some minimum spec advice

Schools won't because not everyone can afford a PC. Their minimum spec would be able to be printed out and handed in.

Useful things are the ability to browse and run whatever BBC Bitesize needs. That's the go to resource for every teacher our kids have had for the last however.

No document a kid will produce would need anything more than a tiny memory stick, tbh. And you can usually email it to their account, and they can access that in the library, with a printer.

So, no advice on the actual machine, expect to say that anything you've got, will be fine.
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