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Chuck roast ideas?

Feeling a bit grotty today so want to make something amazing with a nice Rosewood chuck roast.

In terms of ingredients, I have some puffball mushrooms to use, lots of runner beans, the usual onions, potatoes, courgettes, nearly every herb and spice available.

It's just defrosting in the sink so I won't really have time to marinate it if I want it for dinner. Which I do.

I searched the database but seemed to get all the recipes where you "...chuck something in the pan..." Very Happy

Treat it like brisket and slow cook it. I did that yesterday with onions, carrots, mushrooms, stock, a couple of bay leaves and a splash of wine. Turned out amazing

Ahh I didn't realise it was a briskety thing rather than a... stick-in-t'oven thing.

'scuse me while I stop drooling.

slow cook in a pot roast or salted for a few days and boiled is proper for chuck.

unless you cube it and make proper pasties as they take 20 mins hot to set the pastry then about 1 1/2 to 2 hrs low medium to cook the filling from raw i spose that is slow cook as well
Rob R

It's pretty versatile really, we've both slow cooked and roasted it with equal sucess - it's from the shoulder of the animal.

Pot roast in t'oven I think? Then I can take the lid off and get it browned a bit too.

i usually cook it like brisket see above ,but sometimes i roast rosewood brisket so i spose roast chuck would work.

tis just im rather fond of pasties and pressed salt beef Laughing

how did it turn out ?
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