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Cider/juicing event

Cider/juicing for beginners event Sunday 10th Nov here at Killibury.

We ran this last year and covered types of apples, basic cider making, juicing and had a practical huicing session in the afternoon.

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best wishes for your event,such things are ace for raising the profile of fruit use (and lots of fun)

im hoping we can run a juicing event in the dormouse orchard this year ,some of the other old orchards of york have done such things and they seem very popular.

as well as getting the dormouse sorted i am involved with setting up a all inclusive ancient orchard group that will get as many as possible sites working together to swap info,clones,supporters etc etc and to provide a "one stop"point of contact for publicity ,funding and practical advice and support and to provide a nursery for genetic preservation.

Im a bit unsure why this has popped up - checking this morning there was a strange post 'reply' to the original post (back in 2007).
We have been running juicing/cider events every October, and in fact are running a orchard planning, planting & pruning event in Feb, followed by a grafting apple trees event the following week. Anyone who want further info please pm me...

Ive cut my teaching right back now- am only really teaching apple based events, and John is still teaching blacksmithing.
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