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Cider selling success

Thought Id brag (please dont all be offended) about the great day I had yesterday selling Spotty Dog Cider at Duchy College's Food Festival.

I sold out of bottles and gift packs and was really pleased at how the day went. It was very warm in the tent and my feet were aching. This morning I have sore shoulders, hips and feet, but feel much better than I did when I got home last night. Will definately do next year!


Cool. Well done you.

Wow, you were busy.
It was lovely to meet you and try your cider the other day.
Gold top was lovely,keeping the other one for later,along with the dandelion beer.

It was lovely to meet you both!
Its been really hectic, and Im having a quiet day today. Im at the docs in the morning and trying to have a couple of less physical days.

Great news, we love doing the shows and really enjoy being able to get the product into the hands of the consumer so know no matter how much hard work they are they are grwst fun as well.
Even more cider to sell next year then lol

yes, Im staying with 4 products -
bottle still dry, bottle still med, and 2 bottle conditioned mediums.

Ill still offer the pubs the 20L BIB and a few 10L and some 5L, but thats it - 3000L this coming autumn.
Nicky Colour it green

well done Smile

Good to see Lily 'sizes up' successfully for the large pop-up banner Smile


Well done. The stand looks good.

Thanks - I have great printers!
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